Frequently Asked Questions...

We try to anticipate questions you might have about our products and services, see a list of commonly asked questions below. If you need additional information, please contact us with your questions.

1. What are Maid Envy's work hours?

Monday - Saturday 7:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. Most cleaning jobs are scheduled within a 1 hour window of arrival. Guaranteed arrival times are also available.

2. How does Maid Envy enter my home if I am not there?

There are times when our clients are not home during scheduled cleaning visits. Key service is available at no charge and is maintained by Maid Envy office personnel. We use a cross referenced coding system that does not provide any address information and the only person who has access to your home is your housekeeper. All keys are picked up and dropped off on the same day. If we are not able to enter your home on your scheduled day of service, a $50.00 lockout fee may apply. Please make arrangements to set up key service and disarm your home alarm system if you will not be home during your scheduled cleaning visit.

3. Will I be assigned the same cleaning team for routine cleaning?

Upon request, you may have the same cleaning team assigned to routinely clean your home, otherwise a different crew may be scheduled. Our cleaning teams are professional trained to clean your home or property and practice green cleaning methods.

4. What happens if something is damaged or broken in my home on cleaning day?

If a household item is damaged or broken, we will make every effort to fix the damaged property or replace it, and if necessary file the appropriate insurance claim to resolve the matter. If a household item turns up missing, please inform us immediately; we will file a report to make a claim. Our policy is to wait 3 days before taking action to allow time to see if the item turns up as a result of being misplaced. Maid Envy provides protection for our employees and homeowners against personal property associated with work related injuries or incidents that may occur in your home.

5. How do I pay for my cleaning service?

Many clients leave a check on cleaning day for the maids to pick up. Maid Envy accepts checks and credit cards. If paying by credit card, we will debit your account on the same day of service. If paying by check, please leave in an open place in the kitchen on cleaning day.

6. What does professional trained maids really mean?

Maid Envy requires every employee to complete a corporate training program that includes extensive training in the areas of residential and commercial cleaning. Our maids are trained to properly care for the different types of flooring, hardware, countertops, etc. associated with home building to ensure no damage occurs to your property. Maid Envy employs "green cleaning" which consists of using natural and green cleaning products and methods. Green cleaning products are designated as environmentally safe with little or no effects on the environment. Green cleaning methods consist of using Hepa vacuums, color coded microfiber cleaning cloths for designated areas of your home and assigning wet & dry cleaning days to each maid. Each of our housekeepers follows a consistent cleaning protocol to ensure guaranteed cleaning results no matter which team is on site.